International curriculum becomes one of the best considerations for high-quality and professional education institutions. In the case of young learner education, Global Sevilla has an offer to use the IEYC to compete as the best preschool Jakarta Timur. In this case, the school put a lot of measures into implementing it. But what is IEYC? Here are things to know.

IEYC Or International Early Years Curriculum

IEYC is one of the world-known curriculums for young learners. It is designed by Fieldwork academy, which has a range of other proven curriculums. In the case of IEYC, the curriculum focus on and provides a more flexible education blueprint. It means the school or educator can shape the learning to fits’ the students’ abilities.

It is also a practical learning curriculum which means everyone has the chance to adopt and use the program as it is. Not to mention how the curriculum is focused on children’s development, which makes its implementation pretty unique. The assessment aspect is not focused on achievement, but rather on the student’s development. In other words, through observation.

The Six Area Of Learning And Development

Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Timur itself has developed and implemented IEYC in its unique ways. One of them is fully understanding the focus on creating more fun and practical activities to develop the six areas of learning and development. The six areas of development are the fundamental points for the IEYC itself.

The curriculum believes that students are very unique individuals with their exclusive learning abilities. It later pinpoints that personal and interpersonal development is a vital part of education. That is why, the areas of learning and development include mathematics, creative, motoric, social, communication, and understanding of the world.

The Implementation In Classroom

As the IEYC provides the blueprint, the preschool Jakarta Timur can adapt the learning in its classroom. In the case of global Sevilla, the school has five different classes based on age groups. The implementation comes in different ways in teaching. The younger students learn with a focus on basic skills. The older students can learn through sensory fun, songs, games, and more complex skills development.

Global Sevilla is one of the many schools that fully embrace and can properly develop or adopt the curriculum for the class. It is proven as the international curriculum shape learning with its personalized and unique learning following students’ need or ability. It makes global Sevilla worth its name and quality. Don’t miss the chance, and check Global Sevilla now.